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Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura

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The weight of Aqua Aura crystals can vary depending on their size and shape. On average, a single Aqua Aura crystal weighs around 10-20 grams. However, please note that the weight can differ slightly due to natural variations in the crystals.

It's important to mention that Aqua Aura crystals are created through a special process that involves bonding pure gold vapor to the surface of quartz crystals. This results in a stunning blue iridescent appearance that is both eye-catching and spiritually uplifting.

When adding the shipping weight for Aqua Aura crystals, it is recommended to consider an approximate weight range of 10-20 grams per crystal. This range allows for variations in size and ensures accurate shipping calculations.

Please keep in mind that individual crystals may slightly differ in weight, size, and shape due to their natural formation. We carefully select and pack each Aqua Aura crystal with the utmost care to ensure its safe arrival, ready to infuse your life with its radiant energy.

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